Assessment Tools

Gender-Responsive Program Assessment Tool
If you are interested in program assessment, you can access the Gender-Responsive Assessment tool  which was developed for program administrators, evaluators, agency monitors and staff to use to evaluate the gender responsiveness of programs for women and girls in community settings (outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment programs, domestic violence shelters, mental health clinics, etc.).   There is also a criminal justice version of the Gender-Responsive Assessment tool available.

Gender-Responsive Policy & Practice Assessment (GRPPA) Tool
Available on the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) website, the Gender-Responsive Policy & Practice Assessment (GRPPA)  is a process designed to guide assessment of research-based, gender-responsive policies and practices in jails, prisons, and community corrections programs for women. The GRPPA is intended for agencies to conduct an internal analysis of what they have in place and whether it is gender-responsive, to identify gaps and to begin to develop strategies to meet their objectives in improving management of justice involved women.  

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Fidelity Scales for Dr. Stephanie S. Covington’s Curricula

We have fidelity scales for Dr. Covington’s curricula (see our Books and Curricula page)  available upon request.  Please email for additional information.

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