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JUNE 6-8, 2017 at Mystic Marriot Hotel & Spa in Groton, CT

2.5 Days - up to 19 CEUs for $375.00

(early bird specials are available)

Hosted by Connecticut Women's Consortium

This innovative and highly acclaimed conference offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of gender-responsive and trauma-informed services. The emphasis is on five research-based treatment interventions developed by Dr. Stephanie S. Covington. Each participant selects one curricula for their in-depth training.

This two and one-half day conference is designed for counselors, therapists, clinical supervisors, correctional professionals, and program administrators.  The 2017 Covington Curriculum Conference will be held at the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa in Groton, CT on June 6-8 (special conference rates are available).  Dr. Covington and her certified trainers will be available throughout the conference for additional guidance.

Printable Brochure and Agenda for the Covington Curriculum Conference

These training workshops are interactive and provide therapeutic tools that attendees can use with their clients and implement in their agencies.  The program materials are designed for group work; however, the therapeutic exercises can be adapted for use with individuals.  Choose from one of these five 2-day workshops:

Helping Women Recover: A Program for Treating Addiction

Presented by Carol Ackley

Helping Women Recover is a comprehensive seventeen session, evidence-based treatment model that integrates theories of addiction, women’s psychological development, and trauma. The training emphasizes the key issues of self, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and the therapeutic techniques for dealing with these issues.  The curriculum draws on psychoeducational, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, expressive arts, and relational therapeutic approaches to support a strengths-based framework that is responsive to women’s gender-specific needs for healing and support. The criminal justice version of Helping Women Recover will also be discussed.

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Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women

Presented by Eileen Russo

Beyond Anger & Violence is a twenty-one session, research-based, and manualized curriculum for women who are struggling with the issue of anger and who are in community settings (This training also covers Beyond Violence for criminal justice settings.). Beyond Anger & Violence is the first manualized intervention for women that focuses on their anger, as well as the anger and violence they may have experienced from others. It utilizes a variety of evidence-based therapeutic strategies (i.e., psycho-education, role playing, mindfulness activities, cognitive behavioral restructuring and grounding skills for trauma triggers). 

Beyond Anger and Violence is one of the newest programs written by Dr. Covington

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beyond trauma

Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women

Presented by Twyla Wilson

The newly revised and expanded Beyond Trauma program is a 12 session manualized curriculum that incorporates the insights of neuroscience with the latest understanding of trauma and PTSD.  Each session has also been adapted for girls. Beyond Trauma is based on theory, research, and clinical experience. The evidence-based materials are designed for trauma treatment, although the connection between trauma and addiction in women’s lives is a primary theme throughout. The three modules include background on and understanding of trauma; typical responses to trauma; and strategies for healing.  Beyond Trauma teaches women what trauma is, its process, and its impact. The training includes interactive exercises that demonstrate techniques that counselors can use to help clients develop coping skills, as well as emotional wellness. The newly revised abbreviated six session version, entitled Healing Trauma, is also discussed.

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voicesVoices: A Program of Self-Discovery and Empowerment for Girls

Presented by Candice Norcott and Tammy Rothschild

Voices (2nd edition, 2017) is a trauma-informed, eighteen session intervention designed to encourage girls and young women to find and express themselves. The topics covered include developing a positive sense of self, building healthy relationships, substance abuse, physical and emotional wellness, sexuality and planning for a positive future.  The focus is on interactive exercises that demonstrate the strategies that counselors can use with girls and young women. The program materials (facilitator's guide and participant's journal) can be used in schools, treatment facilities, and juvenile justice settings.

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Helping Men Recover: A Program for Treating Addiction

Presented by Rick Dauer and Roberto Rodriquez

Helping Men Recover is the first gender-responsive and trauma-informed treatment curriculum for men.  The materials are grounded in research, theory and clinical practice.  This eighteen session curriculum addresses what is often missing in prevailing treatment models: a clear understanding of the impact of male socialization on the recovery progress, a consideration of the relational needs of men, and a focus on the issues of abuse and trauma. This is the men's version of the widely used Helping Women Recover curriculum. The training will also discuss implementation in correctional settings.

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In addition, there are several evening programs:


exploring traumaExploring Trauma: A Brief Intervention for Men  
Evening presentation by Roberto Rodriquez
Exploring Trauma is a new six-session trauma intervention designed to address some of the issues specific to men's trauma: men's silence surrounding abuse, the impact of male socialization on men's responses, the risk of victims becoming abusers, and the need to understand men's shame and fear to explore trauma. Topics include: understanding trauma and its process; trauma's impact on the inner self (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) and on the outer self (behaviors and relationships); and coping and calming strategies.
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Women in the Criminal Justice System
Evening presentation by Dr. Stephanie S. Covington
In this evening conversation, Dr. Covington will share some of her experiences working with criminal justice-involved women. She will also discuss some of the challenges of working in this system. There will also be time for Q and A.


A Woman's Way through The Twelve Steps
Evening presentation by Dr. Stephanie S. Covington
The focus of this evening presentation is on the best-selling book
A Woman's Way through The Twelve Steps. Some of the interactive exercises from the workbook and facilitator guide will be introduced. Dr. Covington will also highlight how women use the Steps and share their wisdom and inspiration.
Book description

Hazelden Publishing will have an onsite bookstore for purchasing the materials to have during the conference.  Orders placed a the bookstore will receive free shipping direct from the warehouse.  Corporate credit cards will be accepted.

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