Curricula Endorsements

Dr. Stephanie Covington's curricula have been widely praised by mental health professionals, treatment center administrators, and researchers. Effective, practical, and theoretically based, these curricula are equally appropriate for the novice counselor or the seasoned professional.

Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women

"This beautiful and sensitive work will go a long way to help women struggling with trauma and addiction. There's a strong need to integrate treatment for these issues, which co-occur tragically for so many. Dr. Covington's approach attends to key themes, including power, violence, self-soothing, response to trauma, the mind-body connection, and feelings. Women who receive this treatment, and the clinicians who work with them, will likely find it a life-changing experience that can open a new path. Dr. Covington's extraordinary compassion and support are a gift." … more

Voices: A Program of Self-Discovery and Empowerment for Girls

"Voices" continues the Covington tradition in providing cutting edge treatment for girls and young women, one of our most neglected treatment populations. With an emphasis on the developing self, "Voices" guides the group through an understanding of the developing self and the centrality of connection to the lives of girls and young women." … more

Helping Women Recover: A Program for Treating Addiction (Community Version)

“Stephanie Covington has designed a system that specifically addresses women's issues and captures the essence of females with addictive diseases. Helping Women Recover is a nurturing curriculum that helps women identify addictive behaviors in themselves, while providing alternatives that give them hope and confidence that they can have a life worth living without mind altering drugs." … more

Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women

“Beyond Anger and Violence offers an ambitious, comprehensive, and fundamental framework for addressing the role past trauma plays in the lives of women who struggle with anger. It is grounded in both theoretical knowledge as well as clinical expertise, while also being a practical, informative, and “hands on” tool designed to educate women about the links between trauma and violence and to guide them toward more effective and less damaging coping strategies. ” … more

Beyond Violence: A Prevention Program for Criminal Justice-Involved Women

“Incarcerated women face tremendous obstacles in their quest for justice, health and healing. Beyond Violence offers a concrete tool that could be used to equip service providers who are committed to join them in their quest. The curriculum reflects a solid understanding that women who use violence have often been victimized themselves and builds on strengths rather than furthering pathology. It is a user-friendly intervention tool that promises to make a difference in women's lives. Covington has made a critically important contribution that will benefit one of the most disadvantaged groups in our society.” … more

Helping Women Recover: A Program for Treating Substance Abuse (Criminal Justice Version)

For the first time in my experience, Stephanie Covington’s Helping Women Recover curriculum addresses the real issues underlying female criminality. The curriculum is based on sound theories about women’s psycho‐social development and experiences. It is designed for a variety of criminal justice settings. The curriculum is restorative in nature, providing meaningful ways for each woman to find her own ‘right path.’ … more

Helping Men Recover: A Program for Treating Addiction

“A superb work that fully understands and articulates the unique challenges faced by men in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Dr. Covington, a true pioneer in gender-responsive approaches, and her colleagues offer a powerful set of resources for this work. The model’s emphases on trauma and on spirituality are especially welcome, giving this material a timely, strengths-based orientation.” … more

Helping Men Recover: A Program for Treating Addiction (Criminal Justice Version)

“For too long, “gender-responsive” has meant, “for women.” Addiction is a chronic recurring brain disorder, and treatment approaches that target men are equally important if we are serious about reversing the spiral of drugs and crimes that has swollen our prisons and nearly bankrupted our states. Helping Men Recover makes a down payment on that effort and is the first smart, male-responsive tool that can be used in prisons and jails with the men who need it." … more

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